Everytable Takes on Fast Food

Garden Four Cheese Ravioli

Everytable, a mission-driven food company that fights for food justice by making fresh, nutritious food accessible and affordable for all, recently opened its newest storefront in Rolando at 6083 El Cajon Blvd. Located within a more densely populated community, this new storefront is perfect for grabbing a quick, nutritious lunch or stocking up on budget-friendly, ready-to-eat meals for those on the go, starting at just $7. In addition to everyday affordability of their chef-crafted bowls, wraps, and salads, Everytable also provides customers with great meal planning opportunities using their “Stock up Mondays” where customers have the opportunity to buy five meals and get one free, and “Free Meal Fridays” where customers get a free meal when they spend $25 or more. 

Everytable is based in Los Angeles and earlier this year expanded its reach to San Diego, Orange County, the Bay Area and, most recently, New York. Currently delivering millions of chef-prepared meals throughout Southern California, Everytable is on track to triple its footprint this year as it continues to expand to new communities. 

“With our third San Diego county storefront, we’re on our way to fulfilling our goal of making nutritious food as accessible as fast food,” said Sam Polk, CEO, Everytable. “The new Rolando store expands our reach across the San Diego community supporting our mission to positively impact the food system.”  

Everytable’s newly launched Value Menu of Craft Favorites at $5-$6 per meal. While food prices are increasing, Everytable has done the opposite by developing low-cost, ready-to-eat meals made with real high-quality ingredients. These new craveable pasta dishes include Nashville Hot Chicken Pasta, Garden Four Cheese Ravioli, and Craft Bacon Cheeseburger Mac, and are now available for delivery and in-store orders in Southern California and the Bay Area, and will launch in New York on September 28th. 

“With school back in session and the busy holiday months approaching, we wanted to share dishes that are fun, creative, and satisfying,” said Sam Polk, CEO, Everytable. “It’s especially tempting this time of year to hit the drive-through, but our craft favorites offer meals made from scratch that are just as convenient and affordable.”

About Everytable
Founded in 2016, Everytable is a mission-driven food company that fights for food justice and equality by providing healthy and nutritious food that is both accessible and affordable for everyone. Today, Everytable is a multi-channel, fresh-prepared food business blending grab-and-go storefronts, subscriptions and SmartFridges supplied by a central kitchen, with meals priced according to the neighborhood. To date, Everytable has sold more than 11 million meals. For more information, please visit www.everytable.com.

Rolando Everytable 
6083 El Cajon Blvd. Ste B1 
San Diego, CA 92115
Monday-Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday 11am-3pm

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