International Seafood Chain Debuts in San Diego

Fisher’s San Diego brings ocean’s best to Little Italy
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Fisher’s Group, with 31 locations around the globe is slated to bring their seafood eatery to San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. Expected to come ashore in late October, Fisher’s San Diego will occupy 8700 square feet, plus a roomy outdoor patio, in what used to house the Roma Urban Market at 555 W. Beech Street.
The Fisher brand opened its doors in 1989 and has reeled in the attention of seafood aficionados ever since. What makes the company unique is that the seafood they source is processed directly through their own production plant. They pack and certify every product before shipping. The company also uses their own transport network to assure the freshest, best quality seafood upon delivery.
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With most of their locations scattered throughout Mexico, the Fisher’s Brand is expanding its global reach in 2022. San Diego will host their first US eatery, with another location that opened earlier this year in Madrid. Led by Executive Chef Nino Franco, Fisher’s San Diego will introduce an “avant garde” Mexican seafood style of cuisine to Little Italy, offering an inviting atmosphere with a coastal touch. 
Guests can expect to find a superb oyster bar, seafood bar and the freshest and finest shellfish available on dry land. Fisher’s San Diego is sure to be a favorite seafood destination for locals and visitors alike.


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