Finding Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

Best Day Brewing, the California non-alcoholic craft beer rooted in an outdoor lifestyle, is now available in San Diego. Best Day Brewing believes that life is full of moments that deserve a great beer, without being slowed down by alcohol. Best Day also prides themselves on creating the only non-alcoholic with a true craft flavor.

Founder and CEO Tate Huffard is passionate about an active lifestyle and built a brand that supports a love of craft beer while getting outside. He wanted to create a beer with the same depth of flavor of local craft brews that would also allow him to get up bright and early and surf (hangover free) before starting his day. Whether you’re going hiking or playing volleyball on the beach, Best Day pairs with all your California adventures.  
Two beers are currently available and can both be purchased in stores and online:
Best Day Brewing Kolsch: $13.99/six pack
Best Day Brewing Kolsch is a crisp, light non-alcoholic beer perfect for an autumnal hike or to pair with some fall soups.
This hop-forward brew pays homage to Best Day’s west coast roots while providing the caramel backbone and grapefruit finish of a craft IPA.

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