Support Urban Farms and Community Gardens

Just in time for the holiday season, give the gift of a great flavor PLUS the gift of supporting urban farms and community gardens across this country. Every purchase of Small Axe Peppers’ Ultimate Hot Sauce Gift Set funds gardeners in their work to create healthier, greener, and more vibrant urban spaces.

The name Small Axe comes from the ancient proverb that says “if you are the big tree, we are the small axe...” At Small Axe, they believe that the sum of everyone working together is much greater than their individual parts. Their pepper gardens are located from The Bronx and Baltimore all the way to Los Angeles and Oakland, from Detroit and Chicago down to Texas and Atlanta, as well as many cities in-between. The gardens are managed by refugees, immigrants, high school students, non-profits, faith groups and community organizations. These gardens are amazing places where people from all walks of life can come together through their shared love of gardening and turn formerly abandoned lots into productive oases of fresh fruits and vegetables. They distribute meals and food to people in need, provide jobs in their neighborhood, and most importantly generate empathy and hope in areas that need it most.

This gift set includes two customizable hot sauces of your choice, a punk rock-themed Small Axe Peppers T-Shirt (because what is more punk rock than urban farming), and a packet of seeds to grow your very own spicy peppers in a community garden. Each bottle purchased directly supports the gardens and gardeners who grow peppers for these hot sauces.

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