Day of the Dead Bread

Today,  Spill the Beans' Gaslamp location will be selling Pan de Muerto, or Day of the Dead Bread.

"The bread is traditionally placed on an altar, explains Pastry Chef Karina Orozco. “Day of the Dead altars are made as a way of remembering and honoring deceased friends and family. The altars help guide the spirits back to the land of the living on the Noche de Muertos, the night of November 2nd.”

The bread’s round shape symbolizes the cycle of life and death, while the flavor essence is to remember our deceased ones. The dough strips at the top represent bones and tear drops and the shape of the cross represents the four cardinal points.

Pan de Muerto will be $3.50 and there is a limited supply.

Spill the Beans is located at 555 Market Street, 92101 and will be open from 6:30am – 7pm.

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