Barrio Logan’s ReBru Spirits Releases Hard Lemon Iced Tea “Longball

Barrio Logan’s ReBru Spirits has released Longball, a hard lemon iced tea libation that is available at bars, restaurants, and retail outlets throughout San Diego County via Scout Distribution. ReBru founder Dennis O’Connor and Longball CEO Kerin Sovern made the announcement.

Longball, which is distilled from fortified apple wine and includes real tea, real lemon, and natural flavors, can be consumed as a shooter, or used as a liqueur or cocktail modifier. The 750ml bottles have an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 23.5%.

The brand’s ready-to-drink cocktails, Longball & Soda, are available in 12-oz cans with 5% ABV, 115 calories, and five grams of sugar. The Longball & Soda Double is also available with a 10% ABV, 230 calories, and 10 grams of sugar. Single cans are sold at restaurants and bars, while six packs are available at retail outlets.

Because of its fortified apple wine base, Longball is a cocktail alternative that can be sold at restaurants and bars that hold only a beer-and-wine license.

“Longball is a game-changer for ReBru Spirits in that it appeals to so many more people than simply a gin or a vodka or a whiskey,” O’Connor said. “Longball is great on the golf course, it’s great while relaxing on the back porch with family and friends, and it’s great sitting at the bar watching a game. It’s fresh and refreshing and we can’t wait for all to enjoy, especially with the warmer months upon us.”

Scout Distribution, which is based in Scripps Ranch, delivers more than 30 alcohol brands throughout San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles County, Arizona, and Idaho. Longball will initially be distributed within San Diego County.

“The idea for Longball came while I was playing golf on a hot day here in America’s Finest City,” Sovern said. “While there are many nice options to sip during five hours on the course, I was still never completely satisfied and I wanted an alcoholic drink that was easy to drink and had a lower sugar content. Hence, we went to work in our Willy Wonka-esque warehouse and created what we feel is a drink that will get a standing ovation from the gallery.”

Restaurants and bars carrying Longball include La Jolla’s Brockton Villa, Little Italy’s Coco Maya, North Park’s Grand Ole BBQ y Asado, Pacific Beach’s Miss B’s Coconut Club, and Chula Vista’s Vogue Tavern. In March, Longball will be available in all Total Wine & More locations in San Diego.

Over last three years ReBru has made its own line of vodka, gin, whiskey, and absinthe – all repurposed from unsold local craft beer. In 2021, ReBru took home a Silver Medal for its gin at the New York International Spirits Competition, as well as a Bronze Medal for the vodka.

ReBru is located at 1735 National Avenue and tours of the distillery are available upon request.

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