Dockside 1953 Opens on Mission Bay

Ahi Poke Bowl

A new upscale dining restaurant making waves on the shores of Mission Bay is ready for its close-up. Dockside 1953, with its spectacular waterfront setting, nautical-inspired design, and eclectic menu of mouthwatering dishes by new Executive Chef Bryan Stuppy.

Shrimp Cocktail

According to Stuppy, up until last year, the space that the restaurant was housed in was a banquet room that was used primarily for wedding receptions. The best feature of the restaurant is the view, where the bay always offers a beautiful backdrop for a delicious meal. "The experience of dining next to a beautiful bay in a tropical location is sure to please everyone," he says. "What makes Dockside special is the history of the Bahia Resort in Mission Bay.  We honor the tradition and legacy of the last 70 years, while keeping current with the times and showing off our culinary ability."

Stuppy enjoys working closely with purveyors and suppliers who keep him constantly updated on the best produce, freshest fish, and quality meats that can be had in San Diego, saying "We love to use these locally sourced items to share with our diners to enhance their experience and really show off San Diego's best offerings."

Clam Chowder

According to Stuppy, the most unique item on the menu at present is the Rockfish Ceviche. This dish was created and perfected by Executive Sous Chef, Alyssa Jay Franke.  What sets this apart from many other ceviches in and around San Diego is the al pastor broth that the fish is served with.  It is a delicious blend of achiote and pineapple yielding a slightly sweet and peppery flavor that pairs beautifully with the rockfish, charred jalapeƱo's, and pickled onions.

Most of the fish on the menu comes from the Pacific Ocean, and from waters off of San Diego, Los Angeles, and Baja California. "We started with our current menu at the beginning of May, and we will have a menu updated for the fall sometime in the beginning of September," he says. "Our goal is to update the menu based on the best available produce, meat and fish from each season."

Bahia Wedge with Flat Iron Steak

Although the menu is heavily focused on seafood, Stuppy's favorite item is the Heirloom Roasted Carrots.  He sources organic farm fresh carrots that come in yellow, red and purple varieties, then roasts them with flavors more commonly associated with pastrami (peppercorns, mustard seeds, coriander, fennel).  The carrots are served over a carrot-top labneh and sprinkled with "corned crunch".

Stuppy believes that the communal dining experience is the latest food trend. "After COVID, people were understandably reluctant to gather in groups, but I think that time is ending, and people are excited to dine together and share food, drinks and good times," he says. "We designed the menu with a lot of shareable items, that encourage people to sit back, relax and enjoy each other's company."

Located in Bahia Resort Hotel
998 W Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109
Open ⋅ Closes 11 PM
Phone: (858) 539-7634

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