Enjoy A Delicious Summer Drink

From the corn fields of Minnesota to being processed, distilled, filtered, and bottled in the Pacific Northwest center of your friendly get-together, Adam Vodka was handcrafted by friends for friends and is ready to be your go-to friendly drink.

Made by Aerospace Engineer Adam Phan, he, and his friend Arkadi. Adam’ Vodka started with a simple goal “A drink made for connecting with people.” After many trials, the two finally did it and had the awards to prove it! 

They incorporate the highest-grade ingredients to maintain the absolute best end product for you to enjoy. Adam vodka is distilled 5x and filtered 5x using lava rocks local to the Northwest region. The porous minerals act as nature’s sponge, capturing the impurities to leave behind a clean, smooth spirit. They are pleased to bring you an organic vodka that’s so delicious you can sip it.

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