Cafe Virtuoso Rebrands as Talitha Coffee and Launches New Online Storefront

Talitha Latte Art (courtesy photo)

Cafe Virtuoso, San Diego’s certified organic specialty coffee roaster, is excited to announce its rebranding as Talitha Coffee Roasters, along with the launch of its new e-commerce storefront at, providing an exceptional coffee experience to customers across the United States.

Talitha is a people-first coffee roasting company that is committed to making an impact by providing employment opportunities, training and support networks for survivors of sex trafficking as they build hopeful futures. Each bag of coffee sold directly supports a collaborative endeavor, directly contributing to a journey of healing, empowerment, and shared triumph.

The introduction of Talitha’s online storefront allows coffee enthusiasts from around the country to explore and purchase ethically sourced, freshly roasted beans and experience the exceptional flavors that is making Talitha a SoCal favorite. The online store provides customers with a seamless shopping experience, complete with detailed descriptions of each of its specialty single origins and unique signature blends. 

Customers can also access customizable coffee subscriptions and a full-service wholesale program providing coffee for businesses, including cafes, restaurants, and hotels. The wholesale program also provides guidance for coffee bar layouts, equipment sourcing, supplies, menu design, and comprehensive professional barista staff training. 

“Unveiling our new identity and introducing an online shopping experience represents our progress and metamorphosis as a growing company,” said Jenny Barber, Talitha Coffee co-founder. “We believe in connecting people through the universal language of coffee, and this new chapter will enable us to share our carefully crafted blends and single-origin beans, while also widening our reach in facilitating positive change.”

In addition to its new website, customers can also follow Talitha Coffee on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates, promotions, and other coffee-related content.

About Talitha Coffee

Talitha Coffee, headquartered in San Diego, CA is a people-first specialty coffee roaster with a mission to produce high-quality, locally roasted coffee at an accessible price point, making an impact through employment opportunities, training and support networks for survivors of sex trafficking as they build hopeful futures.

The company collaborates with organizations through its “Talitha Survivor Support Network,” made up of a team of experts and organization leaders in the field of anti-trafficking and through the support of its customers to create a greater impact in the fight against sex trafficking.

Talitha is committed to sourcing and roasting only the highest quality beans using sustainable and ethical practices. In addition to a variety of exceptional coffee bean offerings and online subscriptions, the company offers a full-service wholesale program for a variety of businesses including restaurants, cafes, and hotels providing quality coffee beans and comprehensive professional coffee training, equipment sourcing and setup, and supplies to ensure their customers’ success. 

Talitha partners with coffee-sourcing organizations that guarantee ethical supply chains, ensuring fair payment and respect for farmers who produce the beans. It also actively works to expand its direct trade relationships with farmers from various coffee origins. Talitha's skilled roasters expertly roast each batch of beans to draw out unique flavors and take pride in offering a product that aligns with company values.

For more information about Talitha Coffee, visit Follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates and join the movement towards positive change one cup at a time.

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