Seventh House in North Park Unveils Its Unique Zodiac-Inspired Menu

courtesy of Daniela Ruiz

Tucked away in the bustling streets of North Park, the famed Seventh House restaurant has been the talk of the town for its distinctive and astrologically-driven culinary experience. Starting August 23rd, visitors and astrology aficionados alike will be treated to the restaurant's latest zodiac-inspired offering: The Virgo Edition.

Seventh House has garnered attention and praise for its innovative approach to dining. Drawing inspiration from the stars, the restaurant's Zodiac Menu evolves with each astrological season, bringing flavors and dishes representative of the traits and elements of the current zodiac sign. The menu not only offers a cosmic exploration of flavors that resonates with both food lovers and zodiac enthusiasts.

As the sun transitions into Virgo—a sign known for its meticulousness, analytical nature, and penchant for perfection—Seventh House's culinary team has been hard at work. The Virgo Edition promises dishes that reflect the Earth sign's grounding elements, with curated ingredients that appeal to Virgo's love for purity, health, and well-being.

"We wanted to encapsulate the essence of Virgo in every dish," says Culinary Director Preston Cobb. "Our guests can expect a menu that's detail-oriented, with intricate presentations, balanced flavors, and wholesome ingredients that pay homage to Virgo's health-conscious and discerning palate."

Beyond just the food, the Seventh House's ambiance during this period will be transformed with subtle Virgoan touches. Think earthy tones, clean and crisp table settings, and a serene atmosphere—perfect for those seeking a space to relax, reflect, and indulge.

As with every zodiac period, the Virgo Edition will be available for a limited time. Whether you're a staunch Virgo looking to dine under your star sign or simply a culinary explorer eager for a unique dining experience, the Seventh House in North Park beckons.

The Seventh House continues to redefine the boundaries of culinary artistry, fusing gastronomy with astrology, and the Virgo Edition promises to be yet another stellar addition to its cosmic repertoire.

About Seventh House

Nestled in the heart of San Diego's North Park area, Seventh House offers a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Lauded for its innovative Zodiac Menu, the restaurant continually pushes the envelope, creating dishes that are as visually stunning as they are palate-pleasing. An experience at Seventh House is not just about savoring food—it's about embarking on a celestial journey, plate by plate.

2835 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 310-5614

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