The French Pastry & Coffee Shop in San Diego Where Your Pet Becomes a Mug Star

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La Clochette is not just another coffee shop. This delightful French pastry and coffee haven, nestled in Pacific Beach, is stealing the hearts of both locals and tourists, and is poised to become the talk of the town.

It's easy to see why La Clochette is stirring up such excitement. Owned by a brother-and-sister duo hailing from Madagascar, the café creates an ambiance that transports patrons straight to the heart of Paris. Open daily from 7 AM to 2:30 PM, it's a place where everything is made with love and attention to detail.

The food is authentically French, with a menu that would make even a Parisian feel at home. Everything is homemade from scratch, either baked at their sister restaurant, Hommage (visit them at Hommage Bakehouse), or in-house at La Clochette itself. From flaky croissants to delectable pastries, La Clochette has set a new standard in quality. Their drink menu is equally impressive, featuring cold brew, lattes, herbal lattes, espresso, and more. You can find the full array of choices here

But what truly sets La Clochette apart is a unique collaboration with their next-door neighbor artist, Autumn. Together they have created Community Dog Mugs. Yes, you read that right. Spend time at La Clochette, and your pet may become the next famous floof! 

Each mug features a well-loved regular pup, often seen hanging around the shop. Visit La Clochette’s Instagram to learn more about getting your fur baby featured here. But act fast, these special mugs are available only for a limited time.

Whether you're in need of catering (check out their catering menu) or just want a relaxing spot to enjoy authentic French pastries and coffee, La Clochette is a destination you won't want to miss. Head down to Pacific Beach and become part of a community that's brewing with creativity, flavor, and a whole lot of love for dogs.

La Clochette's combination of culinary excellence, community feel, and the unique opportunity to showcase your pet in art form is an experience that resonates. Visit La Clochette today, and find out why this little shop has everything it takes to go viral. Your taste buds and your furry friend will thank you.

Daily Hours: 7:00AM – 2:30PM
4680 Cass St.
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 412-5558

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