Upscale Dining and Fire Dancers

courtesy photo

Ready for a thrilling Amazonian adventure under the stars? Zama, San Diego’s upscale dining sensation, is spicing up the weekends with its captivating Friday and Saturday event nights.

Mingle with San Diego's elite as you enjoy Zama’s renowned fine dining experience, accentuated by the hypnotic moves of fire dancers and the electrifying sounds of live DJs. This unique blend of gastronomy, culture, and entertainment makes for a night out in San Diego like no other.

"Zama has always been about more than just food. It's about capturing the essence of the Amazon. And now, with our event nights, we're adding even more layers to that immersive experience," remarks Vincenzo Lo Verso of the San Diego Dining Group.

Mark your calendar and make your way to Zama on weekends. This is San Diego's new hotspot. Reservations are now open at Check out their Instagram @ZamaSanDiego to preview the vibes for yourself.

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