National Lobster Day

Louisiana Purchase Lobster (courtesy photo)

Prepare yourself for an epic seaside gastronomic extravaganza on September 25th as we celebrate National Lobster Day. It's the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in the ocean's bounty with a feast fit for seafood enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, featuring the king of all crustaceans – the lobster. Whether you yearn for bold and enticing flavors, the tropical ambiance, or a relaxed beachside experience, we've curated a list of San Diego's premier seafood destinations. 

Discover Carlsbad's newest culinary gem, The Trap Shack, nestled in the heart of Historic Carlsbad Village at Park 101. Chef Quinnton Austin, a mastermind in Cajun and Creole fare, brings his passion for fresh seafood to life in this innovative concept. Their menu is a seafood lover's dream, with a special focus on Maine lobster. Picture yourself biting into the succulent Truffle Roll, featuring Maine lobster poached to perfection and tossed in truffle aioli. It's a taste of seafood heaven you won't want to miss.

Experience the vibrant flavors of New Orleans at Louisiana Purchase in North Park. This restaurant combines cozy comfort with Southern charm, offering a dreamy dining experience that's a visual and culinary delight. Chef Q's famous Dragos takes center stage, featuring rich lobster linguini crowned with chick lobster, microgreens, edible flowers, and Parmesan cheese. The presentation is as stunning as the flavors themselves, with lobster claws and tail elegantly emerging from a mountain of pasta.

Take a trip to the tropics with Coco Maya, an open-air restaurant infused with the spirit of the Yucatan, nestled in the heart of Little Italy. This inviting oasis provides the ideal backdrop for unwinding and basking in the soothing atmosphere of island life. On the menu, you'll discover a harmonious fusion of Latin American and classic Caribbean flavors, showcasing locally sourced ingredients and an array of delectable seafood. Don't miss their Maine Lobster Flatbread, a mouthwatering delight with a 5 oz Maine lobster tail, imported Italian flatbread, bechamel truffle sauce, sliced Roma tomatoes, garlic butter, fresh basil, and chili oil.

Seeking a relaxed experience, found just steps from the sand? Look no further than Duck Dive in Pacific Beach. This surf-inspired beach lounge is the perfect place to indulge in traditional American cuisine and coastal favorites. Indulge in the Surf 'N' Turf, a divine combination of a succulent 6 oz ribeye steak with a broiled lobster tail. This exquisite duo is presented atop a bed of roasted poblano-cilantro rice, served with a side of hot drawn butter for your dipping pleasure, promising a gastronomic adventure that will leave your taste buds thoroughly delighted.

Embark on a gastronomic adventure through ocean-inspired cuisine at Fisher's San Diego. Nestled in the heart of Little Italy, this contemporary Mexican seafood gem is renowned for its commitment to serving the freshest and highest-quality maritime fare in town. Their Lobster Taco in a flour tortilla with guacamole in a creamy chipotle sauce is a treat for the senses. And if you're craving more seafood extravagance, their Seafood Platter has it all – oysters, clams, peel-and-eat shrimp, shrimp aguachile, Peruvian fish ceviche, and a luscious lobster tail.

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