National Seafood Month

Fisher's Mediterranean Octopus (courtesy photo)

As October approaches, it's time to immerse ourselves in the delightful wonders of National Seafood Month. And what better place to indulge in the ocean's bountiful treasures than the stunning coastal city of San Diego? Nestled along the picturesque California coast, this city boasts a vibrant seafood culture that draws inspiration from various culinary traditions. From innovative Mexican flavors to authentic Japanese delicacies and timeless American classics, there is something to satisfy every seafood aficionado's cravings.

Discover the forefront of seafood culinary innovation at Fisher's San Diego. Located in the heart of Little Italy, this contemporary Mexican seafood gem offers the freshest and most exquisite maritime offerings in the entire county. Their exceptional oyster bar, tantalizing seafood bar, and outstanding selection of shellfish make it a sanctuary for enthusiasts of the ocean's treasures. Don't miss the opportunity to indulge in their grilled Mediterranean Octopus drizzled with the finest olive oil, adorned with capers, delicate drops of pimiento, a hint of lime, and a sprinkle of fragrant oregano.

For those craving the authenticity of Japanese sushi rolls, Cloak & Petal is the place to be. This lively restaurant in Little Italy boasts an intimate ambiance that seamlessly fuses the aesthetics of an upscale lounge with the allure of an abandoned subway tunnel, all beneath the enchanting canopy of blossoming Sakura trees. It sets the stage for a perfect evening out, one that transports you to the bustling heart of Tokyo. The star of the show is the specialty Shibuya Nights roll made with salmon, lemon thins, tempura shrimp, krab, avocado, yuzu kosho tosazu, yuzu honey aioli, katsuobushi, and aonori.

After a delightful day at the beach, treat yourself to a leisurely lunch at The Duck Dive, in PB. This neighborhood surf-inspired eatery, just steps from the ocean, is an ideal destination for a family lunch, catching a game, or gathering with friends. The menu features a delightful array of classic American dishes and coastal favorites, all crafted with locally sourced ingredients. Immerse yourself in the culinary delight of their fresh Atlantic Miso Glazed Salmon, with fresh spinach on a bed of rice, or opt for the Blackened Mahi tacos, with house slaw, pickled radish, micro-cilantro, jalapeno crema, all on flour tortillas.

Savor the finest fish tacos in San Diego while basking in breathtaking ocean views at Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill, in the heart of Mission Beach. The laid-back atmosphere at the exclusive Sky Bar will help you escape from your daily routine, relax, and indulge in great food to the fullest. Try the award-winning grilled TKO Style taco, where you can select your preferred local white fish, served on a cotija-crusted flour tortilla. This delectable creation is complemented by chipotle aioli, escabeche slaw, lime crema, spicy guacamole, crispy onion strings, and fried cilantro. You won't be disappointed, as this taco is to die for! 

Follow your heart and your stomach to Mavericks Beach Club, one of San Diego's favorite PB hangouts. Channeling the vibrant spirit of Pacific Beach, this lively establishment promises an extraordinary dining and entertainment experience designed to immerse you in the quintessential California vibe. Enjoy the beautiful weather while indulging in delicious Ceviche prepared with succulent shrimp, zesty jalapeno, ripe tomato, cucumber, red onion, mango salsa, micro cilantro, and creamy avocado, all accompanied by crisp tortilla chips. Complete it with a spicy and sour Mavericks Michelada, and you're sure to be in seafood bliss.

Elevate your gastronomic journey with the exquisite allure of oysters at Sandpiper Wood Fired Grill & Oysters, nestled in the idyllic embrace of La Jolla Shores. At least three different types of raw oyster are always available depending on what’s freshest, including the likes of Madhouse Oysters from Honga River, Maryland; Peach Tree Oysters from Little Wicomico, Virginia; Kusshi from Vancouver Island, British Columbia; and Shio Tang from Skagit Bay, Washington. During Happy Hour, guests can enjoy a free dozen oysters with the purchase of a bottle of champagne – and Sandpiper just introduced All-Day Happy Hour on Fridays and Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Sandpiper’s fall menu was recently rolled out as well, and one of the additions is Rose Snapper with picatta, broccolini bagna cauda, and red bliss potatoes. Seafood sharables on the menu include Yellowtail Aguachile (apple, onion, cilantro, lime), Crispy Shrimp (Szechuan chili aioli, scallion, sesame), and Grilled Octopus (hummus, pickled carrots, chermoula, harissa).

Whether your palate craves the pure simplicity of raw oysters, the smoky allure of charbroiled delights, or the zesty excitement of oyster cocktails, Q&A Restaurant & Oyster Bar's Renowned Chef Quinnton Austin, affectionately known as "Chef Q," has poured his creative genius into crafting an oyster-centric menu that he proudly dubs the "Wing Stop of Oysters." Make your oyster experience truly bespoke by selecting the oyster's origin – Gulf Coast (Louisiana Coast), East Coast (Virginia Coast), or West Coast (Sequim Bay, Washington).

Among their tantalizing charbroiled selections, you'll find:

  • Classic Charbroiled Oysters: A harmonious blend of Cajun spices, garlic lemon butter, and parmesan, offering a symphony of reliable flavors.
  • Poppa Legba: A bold and spicy oyster shooter infused with sriracha, lime butter, ghost peppers, cilantro, and lime – a thrilling taste adventure.
  • Rockefeller: Rediscover your love for spinach and artichoke in a charbroiled oyster, crowned with fresh herbs and parmesan, a true culinary masterpiece.

For those with a penchant for shucking, Q&A's specialty oyster shooters will elevate your experience with raw oysters perched atop signature shot specials:

  • Magnolia Shuck: An ode to pickle enthusiasts, this raw oyster elegantly rests on a shot glass filled with house-pickled vodka and their NOLA-inspired French Quarter Bloody Mary mix.
  • Weezy Shuck: A harmonious blend of spicy and sweet, this shot combines cognac, amontillado sherry, and nonino for a symphony of flavors.
  • Ain't Nothin' to Shuck With: Embrace the heat with Q&A's fiery specialty, featuring a chili and tamarind-infused mezcal, finished with Montenegro.

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